10 Top Tips For The Newly Engaged

by | Dec 22, 2022

If you’re a newly engaged couple or just starting your wedding planning journey, congratulations on this wonderful chapter in your life! It’s a magical time and we hope that you soak it all in.

We’re sure that your thoughts are already turning towards your wedding daydreams and how to make them a reality. But as much as starting to think about your wedding plans is super-exciting, it can be quite overwhelming.

There’s so many things to consider – When’s the wedding and where’s it going to be? What style dress will you choose? Will you have bridesmaids, and if so, who will they be? From engagement photos, to picking a venue, to figuring out your wedding style, there are a lot of details to think about and so many decisions to make.

Knowing where to start can be challenging so we have created this “Ten Top Tips” list to help you figure out what to do after getting engaged.


1. Enjoy the moment

After you have called your family and friends and announced your engagement, enjoy the moment with your partner. Take a week or two to let the news really sink in without getting caught up in the whirlwind of planning. Relax and enjoy this magical “just engaged” feeling.

Bride Groom Enjoying Wedding Moment
Wedding Planning Tips Relaxing Couple
Wedding Planning Tips Just Engaged
Just Engaged Wedding Engagement Ring

2. Talk to your fiancé

When you are ready to start the wedding planning process, the first thing that you need to do is talk to your partner about your wedding ideas and plans. You need to be on the same page focusing on what really matters to both of you. Ask each other questions! When should we have the wedding? Where will it be? Do you want to keep it small and elope or have a micro wedding? Or do you want a big celebration? (please add link to the Barn wedding) At Brickhouse Vineyard we can accommodate all those options. This is the perfect time to sit down and answer one big question: What do WE want?

3. Talk budget

Let’s acknowledge up front that money is by no means romantic, no one likes to talk about money, but it is a must before you can really move forward with your wedding plans. Discuss your budget with whoever is planning to contribute, and make sure everyone has clear expectations about what the money is going towards. Your wedding budget will determine many factors you will have to consider for your wedding day such as venue, suppliers, guest list, length of engagement, bridal party size, wedding dress, etc.


Wedding Planning Tips Spring Wedding
Wedding Planning Tips Bride Dress

4. Choose a date or a season

When choosing a date, it’s so important to know your priorities! If your budget allows for the flexibility of your wedding date, consider the seasons. Do you love Summer, or do you prefer Spring or Autumn, when it’s cooler? The seasons will also dictate a lot of your decisions such as the type of venue, flowers, colour palette, the pricing of the venue and suppliers. Do you only want to consider a Saturday wedding or are you open to a mid-week celebration, which usually attracts lower rates?

Wedding Planning Tips Devon Vineyard
Wedding Planning Tips Midweek Wedding
Wedding Planning Tips Choosing Season
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Wedding Planning Tips Vineyard Wedding

5. Start creating a guest list

Having a general idea of how many guests you’ll be having is a must before diving into venues. You need to be sure that the venues you are looking at can accommodate the number of guests you anticipate attending.  it’s a good idea to get the families together and talk about the guest list so there are no surprises. Traditionally, the couple splits the guest list with each getting half.

Your guest count will also affect your budget. It’s not glamorous, but there is a monetary figure you really can’t avoid so keep in mind that more guests means more money spent. 

Wedding Planning Tips Wedding Stationery
Wedding Planning Tips Wedding Stationery Design

6. Choose a wedding venue

This is a big one – choosing your wedding venue is one of the biggest decisions you will make on your wedding planning journey. Now that you have your budget figured out and have an idea of how many guests you are inviting, you can start looking for a wedding venue of your dreams.

Is it indoor or outdoor or both? Is it formal or relaxed? How many people can it hold? Where is it located? Start by researching ceremony and reception venues and making your list of questions and things that are important to you that you want your venue to accommodate. Here are a number of things to consider: location, capacity, availability, type, layout, prices, restrictions, parking, facilities, catering, what’s included in the price. 

Putting aside practicalities and logistics, from our experience, the most memorable weddings are those which are enthused with the couple’s personalities throughout all of the little details. Think of the venue as your blank canvas and the other more personalised components will come together to make the day feel totally magical!

Here is OUR TOP planning tip from the heart: Does the vibe feel right to you? Can you envisage your special day there? You’ll know if it’s the right one if you can truly imagine yourself getting married there.

The style of the architecture, décor and surroundings should feel like they work with your personality as these elements will have a big influence on the rest of your day. From the theme, styling and even the outfits – start with the venue and the rest will naturally fall into place. 

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Wedding Planning Tips Barn Wedding Venue
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Wedding Planning Tips Choosing Wedding Venue
Wedding Planning Tips Brickhouse Vineyard

7. Choose your main suppliers

So many suppliers to consider and choose from! Photographers, caterers, videographers, florists, stylists etc. When choosing a supplier, check their Google reviews, make sure your work styles and personalities mesh well, and finally, let them guide you through the process. They are professionals and will help you make your wedding daydream a reality.

To get you started, we at Brickhouse Vineyard, have a Preferred Suppliers list that includes all the professionals that we worked with over the years and highly trust. Don’t hesitate to ask!

Wedding Planning Tips Choosing Photographer
Wedding Planning Tips Choosing Stylist

8. Create a wedding website and email

All your important wedding info will be kept on your wedding website for guests to see! Most wedding website providers even have an online RSVP system built in, so people don’t need to mail in paper responses.

Creating a separate wedding email is a great way to keep track of all the communications you’ll have with suppliers so nothing gets accidentally ignored, deleted or lost in your main email inbox.

9. Browse Pinterest and get inspired

From rustic, to boho, to modern, and everything in-between, there are so many styles, colours, and decor options to explore! See what styles you both like (and the ones you don’t) to start visualising what your day will look like.

And if you need some help, check out Brickhouse Vineyard Journal! From planning features to love stories, our journal is brimming with page after page of wedding inspiration. What are you waiting for?

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Wedding Planning Tips Wedding Stylist
Wedding Planning Tips Barn Wedding Interior

10. If all else fails, hire a wedding co-ordinator

If the idea of planning a wedding keeps you awake at night, then hire a stylist or wedding coordinator. Working with a professionals can keep things streamlined and stress-free.

At Brickhouse Vineyard, we offer help with wedding coordination at no extra cost. Our team will be by your side from the very moment you enquire, promising you our help, support and advice from day one, and right through to your celebration. On your Big Day, we will look after you and your guests making sure everything goes to plan so you can truly relax and enjoy every moment of you wedding. We’re here to make your life (and wedding planning journey) as amazing as you have always imagined it to be. 

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