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Autumn Barn Wedding – Chelcie & Carl

Welcome to Chelcie and Carl’s wedding at our corner of autumnal bliss in Devon, where our vineyard comes alive with the warm hues of the season, painting a backdrop for an unforgettable wedding celebration. Wedding Type – Barn WeddingSeason – Autumn (October)Style –...

Why choose a barn wedding in Devon to say ‘I do’?

Why choose a barn wedding in Devon to say ‘I do’?

Congratulations on your engagement! As you start planning your dream wedding, you may be considering various venues that reflect your unique style and capture the essence of your love story. If you are looking for a charming, rustic atmosphere that radiate romance and...

Real Barn Wedding – Ellice & George

Step into the love story of Ellice and George, where rustic charm gracefully intertwines with modern sophistication against the backdrop of our sun-soaked vineyard in May. Wedding Type – Barn WeddingSeason – Spring (May)Style – Timeless & ClassicExtra Touches –...

What happens after your elopement?

Eloping is a romantic and unique way to tie the knot, and if you've officially decided to elope, you might be wondering, what's next? We've got the answers to guide you through the post-elopement phase!  What does a post-elopement party look like? If you're after an...

How to style your elopement?

A smaller wedding, such as an elopement or micro-wedding, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. In fact, an elopement wedding is the perfect opportunity let your personalities shine through, so you can really let your imaginations run wild. With that in mind,...

How long does it take to elope?

An elopement is an unapologetically romantic way of getting married and it’s a wonderful alternative for couples who want something a little less traditional than a bigger wedding. You may also be surprised to know that eloping no longer means running off to Las Vegas...

The Ultimate Elopement Checklist

If you’re newly engaged and you’re about to embark on your wedding planning journey, we’d firstly love to wish you a huge congratulations! We’re sure you’ve been swept up in the romantic blur of being engaged and rest assured, things only get more exciting! If you’ve...

How do you announce your elopement?

If you’ve decided to elope, congratulations! This is a hugely exciting time for you both, but we’re also sure the thought of letting everyone know is somewhat daunting. Whether you’re planning on letting your loved ones know before you say, ‘I Do’ or you want to...

What happens on the day you elope?

What happens on the day you elope? Eloping offers you and your partner the opportunity to get married in a truly authentic and intimate way, whether you want to stick with traditions or you want to throw the rulebook out the window. If you’re wondering what happens on...

What to wear when you elope

When it comes to your aisle style for eloping, there really are no rules! Whether you want to stick with a traditional white wedding dress or you want to stray away from the norm, the most important factor is that your outfit feels like you. We love nothing more than...

Why do people elope? The most common questions about elopements

More and more couples are swapping traditional celebrations for something a little smaller, with micro weddings and elopements on the rise throughout the UK and beyond. Here at Brickhouse Vineyard, we are renowned for our intimate elopement wedding packages and pride...

10 Top Tips For The Newly Engaged

If you’re a newly engaged couple or just starting your wedding planning journey, congratulations on this wonderful chapter in your life! It’s a magical time and we hope that you soak it all in. We’re sure that your thoughts are already turning towards your wedding...

Same Sex Weddings

Same Sex Weddings

Devon Vineyard Weddings Same Sex Weddings Every couple we work with is unique and special. The thinking behind Brickhouse Vineyard was to provide a stunning and romantic backdrop to your wedding day whatever you want it to hold. Whether you are looking for a gay...

5 Reasons For A Spring Wedding

With its beautiful floral backdrop, perfect temperatures and combination of fresh colours, there is no better time for a wedding than spring! There are so many things we love about spring. After a long winter, the warmer temperatures and spring sunshine are welcomed –...

Just Engaged?

Just engaged? Have you considered a micro wedding or elopement as the best way to bring all of your wedding daydreams to life? If you just got engaged, huge congratulations! You’ll want to enjoy that magical “just engaged” feeling, revelling in your love and...

How to plan a micro wedding of your dreams! Our top 10 insider tips

Planning a micro wedding opens up an Aladdin’s cave of possibilities and can bring even your wildest wedding day wishes within reach. The fact is that a wedding involving fewer people has the potential to create space for the most unique and memorable wedding day for...

2020 – the Rise of the Micro Weddings

A year can be a long time in the life of a small wedding venue! We think it’s safe to say that back in February 2020 none of us could have foreseen what the year had in store for us. COVID 19 was something terrible that was happening in China. Very few of us had the...

Creating A Dream Wedding On A Budget

Are affordable wedding venues the 'new normal'? As we’re emerging from the coronavirus pandemic, we are dealing with a whole load of “new normal” changes: working from home, furloughed from jobs, planning school holidays at home instead of going abroad and for the...

Getting Married Quickly

Can’t wait to get married? There is, arguably, nothing more romantic nor more reflective of the impulsivity of true love than taking the bull by the horns, booking your dream wedding venue and whisking yourselves off to get married. Certainly, it avoids months or...

5 ways to include your dog in your wedding

It’s National Puppy Day and we’re celebrating with a feature that’ll give you the 'head to wagging-tail' about dogs at weddings.Our four-legged friends are not just our best pals, they’re a real part of the family. It’s only natural that you’ll want your dog to be...

The ultimate small wedding planning guide

There are lots of advantages of choosing a small wedding, not least the simpler logistics and planning... So rather than the planning element of your wedding being something to stress about, you can actually enjoy every minute spent planning your wedding. But most of...

Intimate weddings at Brickhouse Vineyard

Intimate weddings at Brickhouse Vineyard

Devon Vineyard Weddings An Intimate Wedding Venue in devon A small intimate wedding lends itself perfectly to a very special location and intimate wedding venue that captures both your imagination and your heart. Our aim in creating intimate wedding options at...

Why choose a small wedding?

Why choose a small wedding?

Devon Vineyard Weddings Small Wedding Venue Small wedding venues should never mean small ideas or compromise. With that in mind we’ve put together a small wedding option that works flexibly around your wedding-day dreams and ideas. Small wedding venue hire provides...

Why winter weddings are worth considering

As the nights slowly start to draw in and we enjoy the last throes of summer, at Brickhouse Vineyard we are already starting to prepare for our winter wedding season.  Winter weddings and winter elopement packages are becoming increasingly popular and they offer a...

How do I plan an intimate wedding for two?

How do I plan an intimate wedding for two?

Intimate weddings for two have had a chequered past... Originally elopements were marriages where a woman had left her husband and run off with another man, more traditionally we think of them as a couple running off to wed without their parents’ permission. Yet,...

Are you considering renewing wedding vows?

Are you considering renewing wedding vows?

Devon Vineyard Weddings Renew Wedding Vows If you’re considering renewing wedding vows venues, we have a unique venue that’s been created with intimate vow renewal ceremonies and celebrations in mind. Brickhouse Vineyard provides one of the most perfect places to...

Artisan Weddings

Artisan Weddings

In a world where everything from booking your holiday to buying furniture is becoming more instantaneous and commoditised, we’ve taken a step back and developed an artisan approach to elopement wedding days and intimate wedding gatherings. We believe some things in...

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