5 ways to include your dog in your wedding

by | Mar 23, 2020

It’s National Puppy Day and we’re celebrating with a feature that’ll give you the ‘head to wagging-tail’ about dogs at weddings.


Our four-legged friends are not just our best pals, they’re a real part of the family. It’s only natural that you’ll want your dog to be part of your wedding day. Brickhouse Vineyard is one of a growing number of dog friendly wedding venues you can choose from. To say we’re dog friendly is slightly understating our love of dogs. We welcome dogs with open arms at weddings. Your dog can be involved in every aspect of our day including getting ready, welcoming guests, part of your wedding ceremony and of course enjoying the wedding celebration party with you and your guests.

In this post we share some wedding ideas for dog lovers. 



If you’d love to include your dog in your wedding day, you need to view your plans from your dog’s perspective. Think about how your dog usually responds to various situations and how best to include them.

If your dog is not familiar with meeting new people without barking or begging for food invest in some dog training lessons ahead of your big day. You’ll all enjoy the day more as a result.

Fruit or chocolate cake and other foods can make dogs sick. Do keep these foods out of reach of your dog and ensure guests don’t unwittingly sneak them tip bits that could ruin everyone’s day. Consider your flowers carefully as some plants are plants are poisonous to dogs.

With these practical steps considered you can start to think about the fun.



Accessorise your dog to suit your dog’s character and the style of your wedding day. There is a real array of affordable dog wedding outfit options to choose from. For example, Dog Costume UK offers a wide range of options including themed costumes where you can let your imaginations run wild, doggie tuxedoes and wedding dresses. Etsy and Amazon also provide loads of options from ‘Best Man’ neck chief, bow ties and personalised wedding dog collars.

Our favourite doggie wedding accessory is a floral collar created by your florist, so it matches the vibe of your wedding exactly. These not only look gorgeous, but they are also bio-degradable, reducing the carbon footprint of your wedding day!


Make your dog an integral part of your legal wedding ceremony

Your dog can be involved in your legal wedding ceremony. Why not have your dog as your best man, or perhaps walk you down the aisle? If not perhaps consider having your rings in a drawstring bag attached to his or her collar and have them act as ring bearer. It’s a move that’ll delight your guests and ensure your dog’s tail is wagging through-out your ceremony!


Create a dog friendly agenda for your pet

Your dog will still appreciate their exercise even on your special day and will probably require some down time too. Arrange for a guest to take care of these responsibilities or hire the services of a professional dog sitter who can take care of your dog for the day at your venue and off-site. We recommend A Pad 4 Paws a dog chaperone service for weddings. Your dog friendly wedding venue should be able to recommend a suitable service. Remember to schedule your dog’s walks and quiet time into your wedding day timeline. Create a space for your dog to snuggle away from the party if they get overwhelmed. Keeping their water bowls full is as important as topping up guests’ glasses!

Arrange a special meal for your dog

Food can be a big part of your wedding day, and not just for your human guests. This is not the time to introduce a new food! Make sure there’s a tried and tested treat-meal for your dog to enjoy at their regular time. It’s a special day, so if your dog is used to having some healthy treats from time to time make sure you have some with you and ensure you have easy access to them for the appropriate moments. 


Include a dog in your photography

Weddings create so many unique memories for the two of you and your guests. It’s your photographer’s job to capture these memories. Make sure your photographer knows in advance when your dog is due to be involved in your day, and have a chat to them about how you’d like to include your dog in your photography, including any key pictures you’d like. Introduce your dog to your photographer either before the day or on the day so that your dog knows it’s a friendly camera pointing at them rather than a threat! 


Spoiler Alert

Be warned, your favourite furry friends are prone to stealing the show on your big day! 



For more info about weddings at Brickhouse Vineyard take a look at our wedding page here. If you’d like to find out more about a dog friendly wedding at Brickhouse Vineyard please call us on: 01626 682287 or email events@brickhousevineyard.co.uk.