Getting Married Quickly

by | May 30, 2020

Can’t wait to get married?

There is, arguably, nothing more romantic nor more reflective of the impulsivity of true love than taking the bull by the horns, booking your dream wedding venue and whisking yourselves off to get married. Certainly, it avoids months or sometimes years of lengthy debates and decisions. Getting married quickly means you can follow your heart in a stress-free, yet exciting, skip to your wedding day. You can enjoy a simple, yet beautiful and heart-felt wedding ceremony and celebration that’s small in size and cost, but huge on authenticity and all about the two of you. 


Why get married quickly?

Maybe you’re considering a quick wedding? If so, you’re not alone!

Each year we help lots of wonderful couples for whom getting married quickly and quietly is a priority. One of the main groups of couples we hear from are those who’ve started going down the more traditional, larger wedding route only to decide it’s simple too much and, in fact, not at all what they want for their wedding day. A quick wedding can be the ideal solution for these couples because going through the process of planning a big wedding has allowed them to discover what they really want from their special day.

Many couples choose a low-key wedding venue to elope because it offers a more intimate wedding day experience, or they dislike (or dread!) the thought of being the centre of attention in front of hundreds of guests on their wedding day. Others have been married before and want to have a special day that is nothing like their experience the first time around, making their forthcoming wedding special and unique to them. For some, the reduced cost of an elopement when compared with a larger wedding allows them to balance their all-too-real financial priorities, yet still enjoy a very special wedding day. With the average wedding in the UK costing around £30,000 and a typical elopement package averaging £2,500 (source: Petite Weddings), you can see the practical attraction of a low-key wedding. There is no trading down involved in our experience. Your intimate wedding day will still be brimming over with love, be it just for you two or a small handpicked group of your nearest and dearest with lots of personal touches.


Right now, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic many of us are re-thinking our priorities and our future lives. This is prompting some couples to “get on with it” and to choose a simpler, more meaningful and less expensive approach to their wedding day.

Whatever your reason for considering a quick wedding, getting married imminently does not need to be a compromise. In fact, the opposite applies. We can arrange beautiful intimate wedding days either for just the two of you, or, for you and those that really matter to you within 30 days. At Brickhouse Vineyard we’re always honoured to be your witnesses to your wedding if it’s just the two of you or if you decide to bring your own witnesses, that great too! Like everything we do, we pride ourselves of making sure every element of your experience is stress-free, enjoyable and includes everything you want, and nothing you don’t want.


How to get married quickly

Booking a quick elopement or intimate wedding at Brickhouse Vineyard could not be simpler.

Once you’ve decided on a date, let us know and we’ll hold that date for you whilst you contact the Devon Registrar to book them to come to the Brickhouse Vineyard to conduct your wedding ceremony. Unfortunately, the law prevents us from doing this for you.

As soon as you have a time agreed with them you’ll need to do two things: 

  • Let us know so that we can issue you with our terms and request your payment to secure your booking.
  • Contact your local registry office and arrange an appointment so that you both go in to the office to give notice of your wedding at least 28 days before your wedding day (you can book to go in together although you will, for legal reasons, be seen separately).

Once these priority actions are in hand, we can start to talk about your wedding day arrangements. It may be as simple as a ceremony for the two of you with witnesses provided followed by a delicious picnic and glass of sparkles overlooking the vineyard. You may wish to arrange your choice of flowers and styling of the venue, hire a photographer and/or videographer to capture your special day, or arrange a sit-down meal for you and your small group of guests after your ceremony. From talented hair stylists and make-up artists, great accommodation to brilliant cake makers, we’ll share our tried and tested, recommended wedding day suppliers with you so that you can book the perfect mix of services for your wedding day.

We’ll be on hand to help you with a timeline for your day and work with your chosen wedding service providers on your special day to ensure your wedding day is exactly what you hoped for and more. 


Let us help you make a quick wedding a reality

If you think a quick wedding might be the right route for the two of you we’d love to help you. To find out more, take a look at our elopement options and intimate wedding options. If you’d like to discuss our availability for a quick wedding, please get in touch with Jo. We’d love to hear from you!

Photography by The Unbridled