How do I plan an intimate wedding for two?

by | Jun 20, 2019

Intimate weddings for two have had a chequered past…

Originally elopements were marriages where a woman had left her husband and run off with another man, more traditionally we think of them as a couple running off to wed without their parents’ permission. Yet, today weddings for two UK are taking on another new guise: an authentic, highly personal and very special way to wed without the pressure, compromises and costs that can be associated with a larger wedding.


So, whether you find the thought of a large-scale wedding overwhelming, want to or need to act quickly, have concerns about affordability of a large wedding or perhaps you have complicated family dynamics to deal with, a wedding for two may be the answer. With these thoughts in mind we’ve put together some guidance on how to plan the perfect just the two of us wedding UK along with some just the two of us wedding packages UK to help you consider whether this option might just be what you are looking for.




1. Tell people!

One of the easiest aspects of a wedding for two is that you don’t have to invite any guests! Equally, this can also be one of the most difficult aspects of a wedding just for two as people don’t like to be left out. Where we’ve seen this work well is when couples have told their close friends and family in person or by phone either shortly before of just after their special day. Once you’re back from your intimate wedding for two it’s lovely to be able to “announce” your wedding and share photographs and maybe a highlights video too with those you wish to make them feel part of your special day without actually being there. Some couples have a wedding meal or relaxed party with friends and family after the event, others choose to do this more informally.


2. Book the registrar and give notice.

In all the romance of running away to get married don’t forget the steps you need to take to ensure your marriage is legally binding. For a just the two of us wedding UK you will need to reserve your chosen wedding venue, call the local registrar (in the area you are choosing to marry) to book them to come and conduct your wedding ceremony and give notice of your wedding at least 28 days before your wedding day at your local registry office, closest to where you live. If you don’t get these actions ticked off then there will be no wedding, so although not the most exciting aspect of your big day preparation, these steps are essential. 


3. Choose a location and venue that’s special to the two of you.

Without the constraints of travel and costs of accommodation for a large wedding group that come with a more traditional wedding you are totally free to choose anywhere you like to get married. Where do you both enjoy being? How far do you want to travel? What sort of surroundings would you like? What facilities are important to you? Do you want to tag on a mini-moon or honeymoon stay after you wedding in the location you choose? Is there a part of the UK that has special meaning or appeal to you both? The reality is that there are many choices, ranging from your local registry office for those seeking absolute simplicity and lowest cost, through to unique venues that offer bespoke wedding experiences for just the two of us weddings.


4. Make sure your venue of choice offers access to the professional services you envisage as part of your wedding day.

Probably the most common question we get asked is what do we do on our wedding day? The answer is that this is entirely your choice! We help couples build packages to include all the extra additional services they want and nothing more. We can recommend fantastic local suppliers who really understand the ethos and vibe behind weddings for two or of course you can choose your own suppliers or create a bespoke package yourselves. This is the true beauty a wedding for two, you really do have absolute freedom to do things your way.  



Just the two of us wedding packages come in many shapes and sizes, with some being more prescriptive than others.

Each of our intimate weddings for two is as unique as the couples they are bringing together. That’s why we’ve developed a flexible approach to our own just the two of us wedding packages UK, should you decide that Brickhouse Vineyard and Round House is the right location for your wedding for two. 


We offer two couples only wedding packages:

Our Sauvignon Blanc Package includes exclusive hire of the vineyard for your wedding ceremony, Champagne Afternoon Tea for two, endless photo opportunities, and of course we’d love to be your witnesses.

Or, if you wish to add a two-night stay to your package we recommend the Pinot Noir Package that includes all the same benefits as the Sauvignon Blanc Package as well as a celebratory meal for the two of you and a 2-night stay at The Folly, a luxury accommodation just a few minutes away from Brickhouse Vineyard.

We’ll work with you to add anything else into your day that you require, be it a photography and/or videographer, a wedding cake, picnic hampers or a wedding meal, maybe musicians for your ceremony or bridal hair and make-up we can help. We work with a wonderful group of like-minded local suppliers who we can recommend based on your budget and ideas for to make your intimate wedding day truly magical.

So the only question that remains is, which package will you build for your very own couple only wedding?

You can read more about our couples only weddings here, for more information or contact Joanna by email events@brickhousevineyard.co.uk or by phone on 07931 592969 with any questions. We’d love to hear from you.

Images by Mimosa Photography