What happens after your elopement?

by | Mar 16, 2023

Eloping is a romantic and unique way to tie the knot, and if you’ve officially decided to elope, you might be wondering, what’s next? We’ve got the answers to guide you through the post-elopement phase! 

Newly Eloped Couple
Post Elopment Wedding Couple

What does a post-elopement party look like?

If you’re after an intimate ceremony but still crave an epic after-party, seize the chance to celebrate with friends and family. Host a post-elopement wedding party either immediately after your ceremony or a few weeks later. Pop open the champagne, wear your best attire, and relish in the joy of marrying the love of your life surrounded by your nearest and dearest. 

Tell the World

If you haven’t already, announce the news to your friends and family! You could ask your elopement wedding photographer to capture some ‘announcement’ images where you’re holding a cute sign saying ‘Just Married’ or ‘We Eloped’. If you want to do it on the actual day you eloped, you could FaceTime your favourites, but here are some of our other fabulous ways to announce your elopement

Extend the Elopement

No matter where in the world you’re choosing to elope, you can extend the celebrations and embark on your next adventure straightaway! An elopement may be smaller than a traditional wedding, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a honeymoon. Consider if there is anything you both want to do immediately after you’ve tied the knot, whether that’s grabbing your suitcase and hopping on a plane, exploring the countryside with a picnic, or heading off on a city break with all the champagne! 

Get Traditional

When it comes to your elopement wedding, there are no rules. So, if you do want to include a few traditions within the day, you can! Whether that’s a first dance to your favourite song or cutting your wedding cake (we’ve seen some incredible one-tier masterpieces over the years), this is the perfect opportunity to do exactly what you want. You can always get your loved ones involved in the traditional aspects if they weren’t at your ceremony – they’ll love being a part of your special day. 

Champagne After Elopement
Champagne Toasting Elopement Couple
Elopement Traditions
Elopement Cake Cutting

Can you have a wedding reception after elopement?

Absolutely! The beauty of eloping is that there are no strict rules. If you still love the idea of a grand celebration, consider having a wedding reception after your elopement. This gives you the chance to wear your best attire, pop open the champagne, and enjoy the company of your loved ones.

Host a Post-Elopement Party

If you wanted an intimate ceremony but you still love the thought of an epic after party, now is your chance! Get your friends and family together to host a post elopement wedding party – this can be immediately after your ceremony or a few weeks later. You can wear your best glad rags, pop open the champers and celebrate marrying the love of your life surrounded by everyone who means the world to you!

Alternatively, if a private party for 2 appeals to you, The Folly, a romantic retreat, a stones throw away from Brickhouse, and its hot tub is the perfect location to soak in the rolling views right down to the ocean and continue floating on fluffy cloud 9.

Eloping Couple Escape
Eloping Ocean Escape
The Folly Elopement Hot Tub

What do you do after you elope?

Take your time to make decisions about what comes next and enjoy the bliss of newlywed life. Whether you choose to announce your elopement, embark on a post-elopement adventure, include traditional elements, or host a celebration, the key is to savour the moment and make choices that feel right for you.

Don’t Rush the Process

There’s no need to make any decisions straightaway, so if you’re feeling a little unsure about what you want to do after you’ve eloped, take the time to really think about it and just enjoy newlywed life!

After Elopement Ideas

Don’t forget to head straight over to the Brickhouse Vineyard journal where you’ll find all the inspiration and advice you could ever need for your elopement wedding. You can also browse through our collection of elopement wedding packages or just get in touch with our team to find out more!

Images by Emma Barrow