How long does it take to elope?

by | Mar 6, 2023

An elopement is an unapologetically romantic way of getting married and it’s a wonderful alternative for couples who want something a little less traditional than a bigger wedding. You may also be surprised to know that eloping no longer means running off to Las Vegas in secret. In this day and age, it allows couples to create an intentionally intimate and authentic wedding experience with a considerably smaller guest list that avoids any social constraints.

If the thought of eloping has made you feel weak at the knees and you’ve now got your heart set on saying ‘I Do’ as just two, but you’re not sure how long it actually takes, don’t fret as you’re in the right place. 

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When should you elope?

Considering the intimate nature of elopements, timing is crucial. To decide when to elope, think about your desired setting, venue availability, and any other factors that might influence the date.

How long does it take to plan an elopement?

Elopement planning time varies based on your preferences. Whether you opt for a quick ceremony or a more extended celebration with various activities, your choices will determine the planning timeline. 

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Do you get engaged before you elope?

The decision to get engaged before eloping is entirely personal. Some couples choose to have a formal engagement, while others might decide to go straight to the elopement. It depends on your unique love story.

First things first, we must stress that just because you’re opting for a smaller guest list and avoiding any of the traditional wedding day structure, your elopement wedding planning is just as special.  

Can you plan a wedding in 3 months?

Yes, you can plan an elopement in as little as three months. However, the time frame depends on your desired elements, such as venue availability, photographer booking, and any additional activities you want to incorporate.

To work out how long you’ll need to plan your elopement, you need to consider what you actually want to do on the day of your elopement wedding! 

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How long does it take to elope?

The duration of an elopement itself can vary. Some couples might prefer a quick ceremony, while others may choose to extend the celebration with pre- and post-ceremony activities. It’s all about creating a day that feels perfect for you.

While we offer two elopement packages here at Brickhouse Vineyard, including the ‘Sauvignon Blanc’ & ‘Pinot Noir’, you can completely tailor the day to be the perfect reflection of you both as a couple.

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How soon is too soon to elope?

The ideal timing for eloping is subjective. It depends on your readiness, preferences, and the logistics involved. Factors such as venue availability, supplier bookings, and guest considerations can influence the decision on how soon is too soon.

Here are a few additional things that will affect how long it takes to elope:

  • If you’re choosing to elope at a particular wedding venue, you’ll need to get in touch to discover their availability (especially for couples who want to tie the knot sooner rather than later).
  • Think about budget and the activities, extras, and any other elements you want to include in your wedding day.
  • If you do decide to have guests at your elopement wedding, consider how much notice they will need to book time off work or save for accommodation and flights if needed.
  • If you are wondering what to expect on the day you elope, we’ve put together a quick guide so you have a better idea of how your celebration can unfold – head to our What Happens On The Day You Elope blog to find out more.
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We’d love to welcome you to find out more about elopement weddings at Brickhouse Vineyard, so please do drop us a note to chat to a member of our weddings team or swing by Instagram to see our Devon wedding venue in action!

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