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South West Cheese and Wine Pairing

Want to serve the perfect cheese board? Take a look at our suggestions for some of our favourite cheeses from the West Country and our ideas for a perfect wine for each of them.

Getting your cheese board ready

  • Make sure you serve your cheese at room temperature; take it out of the fridge half an hour before serving.
  • Chill your white wines and open reds to let them “breathe” before the tasting.
  • Start with lighter cheeses and wines, then move to heavier varieties. That way, the palate won’t be overwhelmed.

Let’s take a look at some delicious South West cheeses with matching wines for this Christmas 

  1. Goat cheese & Sauvignon Blanc

Try Sharpham Ticklemore. Its moist texture with a delicious subtle lemon flavour pairs beautifully with a Sauvignon Blanc.  These two share common tones; the acidity of the fresh goat cheese matches extremely well with the tangy and refreshing notes of Sauvignon Blanc.  Try Sauvignon Blanc from Loire Valley, France or Marlborough, New Zealand

  1. Brie & Pinot Noir

Try Sharpham Brie, from probably the country’s most experienced makers of ‘brie’ style cheese. Its clean, fresh creamy note with a hazelnut and light mushroom aftertaste is delicious with Pinot Noir.

The creamy texture of this cheese is a natural fit with medium bodied Pinot Noir. The wine’s fruity, refreshing flavours and the cheese’s delicate earthy notes really compliment each other. Try PInot Noir from Burgundy, France or Marlborough, New Zealand

  1. Gouda & Riesling

Try Miss Muffet of Whalesborough Farm, the Cornwall take on Gouda. This semi – soft cheese with mild, nutty flavours and distinctive sweetness pairs great with off-dry Riesling.  The wine’s acidity and tropical, fruity notes feel cleansing and fresh, while the slight sweetness partners well with the caramel flavours of the cheese. Try off- dry Riesling from Mosel or Pfalz region, Germany

  1. Mature Cheddar and Cabernet Sauvignon

Try Ford Farm’s cave-aged cheddar made in Dorset but matured in the unique environment of Somerset’s caves.

As a harder and sharper cheese, cheddar can handle the tannic strength of full bodied red wines. Pair with Cabernet Sauvignon – a real treat for the taste buds. A full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon with dark fruit flavours and hints of herbs draws out the bold flavours and saltines of this strong cheese. Try Cabernet Sauvignon from Bordeaux, France or Stellenbosh, South Africa

  1. Blue and Port

Try Devon Blue, a delicious blue cows’ cheese with a moist, slightly crumbly texture, made on a farm by the banks of the River Dart. Match with Port for taste sensation.  Blue cheeses are pungent and salty and match wonderfully with sweet wines. The sweetness in the wine helps balance the strong flavours of the cheese and makes it taste creamier. Try with a Red or Tawny Port


Most of all, just have a great time tasting and testing our wonderful South West Cheeses with your favourite wines – and feel free to experiment! All of these cheeses can be found at The Cheese Shed in Bovey Tracey HERE 

Lots of other local shops will sell these, or similar cheeses, places like Joshua’s in Ottery St Mary, the cheese shop in Tavistock market or in Topsham.